Holy moly it's been a few months, huh? These past couple of months I was going through mid-terms in college and then a few weeks later I was hit with major assignments and then a week or so after that, I'm hit with finals!!!! ;A; It was a long journey, But I'm finally finished my first year in my Business and Marketing program! Hooray!!!! But yeah, it has been about 3 months... but I didn't waste all that time, I promise! As you can see we have a new version! I was getting sick of version 8 even though it had a special place in my heart. Since it's so special I made a very similar template of it for my visitors to enjoy. . I actually have a lot to update and even as I'm writing this update, I'm making and also adding new content for the site. So if it's not mentioned in here, its because I've done my magic after this post.

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